Always Forever Green Photography Guidelines

Your photos will sell your products, so photography is key. When taking photos of your images, bear in mind that they may not be shown in the context of the accompanying online text (they could show up in Google images, for example).

It is important that your products stand out, are pleasing to the eye and give customers a good insight into what they are. It will be YOUR images that will catch the customer’s eye. 

Below is an AFG checklist to help ensure you photograph the best quality of image possible for your brand:

  • Consistency is Key – make sure you photograph your brand products in the same way each time to enable the customer to better relate to your brand
  • We will use your images in advertising, marketing and on social media – please make sure that your brand is expressed as intended through your images
  • Try to show multiple images per product (3 minimum) but only ONE main product in each frame 
  • Ensure the image fills the frame as much as possible 
  • If there are unique details to your product, make sure there is a close-up image to show these
  • Show products from all angles 
  • As closely as possible, mimic the actual consumer experience of handling a product as you would in a bricks and mortar retail environment
  • Ideally, use a brilliant white, plain background or a muted tone. It will make your product the focus of the image – it will also ensure there is no visual distraction 
  • Try to use natural light or a bright setting
  • Try to avoid shadows
  • Make sure your final images are [SIZE Nirmal please insert correct size / pixels etc] and of the highest resolution possible
  • Consider using at least one of your images to show your product being used (i.e. clothing on a person, as well as on a coat hanger). Images shot in context are especially great for social media and marketing.
  • Don’t overcomplicate your images, remember the customer wants to see what you are selling quickly and clearly.
  • Product-only images tend to have a significantly higher rate of conversion than having images with people in them too so great to have at least one leading image that is product only. 
  • Photographs must be of what you are selling and not stock photographs, photographs from other sellers or websites, drawings, renderings, or other representations.
  • Whilst of course professional images are great we understand that this may not be possible for all Brands from day one so we hope by following these principles whether working with a professional or doing it yourself your images will still be very good quality. 
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